About Me

In a nutshell

  • Designing websites since I was 8 years old (1999).
  • Former trainee systems developer at a UK water board company.
  • Can code in HTML5, CSS3, PHP (and a little of some other things).
  • Extensive working knowledge of social media.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) working knowledge.
  • WordPress fan.

My journey from young nerd to web designer

Nerd since birth

I began creating free websites in primary school for fun with some (very nerdy) friends. While some kids were outside playing tag, I was inside fighting for a slot to use the Windows 98 computer and try out HTML code.

When I left school I did a 1-year internship at the local water board company as a trainee systems developer. Here, I developed significantly as a web designer under the mentorship of experienced web developers.

I already knew some HTML and CSS before I arrived, but by the time I had left I could code in PHP and use Adobe Dreamweaver.

University and beyond

At university I studied Biomedical Sciences and Organic Chemistry, and later undertook a masters in Biomedical Engineering. But occasionally I still dipped back into web design.

It was at this time I experimented with WordPress. I began combining WordPress’s tools with my coding ability to create very professional looking websites. And I began to be paid for my work!

When I left university I worked full-time in the higher education sector. I learned how to effectively promote services, goods and causes on social media. I have attended several social media workshops over the years to hone my skills.

Approaching 30

Nowadays, I design and run websites for my own entrepreneurial ventures, as well as small organisations and individuals.

The money I earn supports my studies at medical school.